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Faria Learning & Development Lab

Faria Education & Learning Lab provides limitless career opportunities for smart, self-motivated, and proactive Faria mates. Customize your career development using the training from software development, to project management and leadership, to sales and support, delivery management, and more.


Internship Program

Faria Internship programs for highly motivated students to work in collaboration with highly qualified specialists who are willing to share knowledge as they contribute to the team.


Online Training

Training that takes place via an internet platform. Courses are either delivered live or offline, so users can access the materials when they want and from wherever they want.  This flexibility makes it very popular, which is reflected in the multitude of online resources and third-party platforms that can be found today.

Обсуждение между студентами

Internal Training

Employees receive training at their own offices in person. The business may contract a company or expert to come to the workplace to deliver the training.

Совещание команды Brainstorm

Collaborative Meetup

This type of training involves organising sessions given by a company’s own employees on their expert areas. So, they share information, experience, and practical advice among themselves. Here, there is also an indirect result of improved communication and working relationships between teams.

Upcoming Events

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